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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I book a wedding or contact Royal Beach Weddings?

First step is to spend a few moments reviewing the services offered on this website. Second is to call us and/or submit a contact form. The contact form really helps us when trying to schedule calls for consultation. Dianna Dufrene is our Primary Wedding Planner. She can be reached at 850.499.3842. Justy White, the Company owner and Lead Photographer can be reached at 850.225.8701. 


Where do the weddings take place?

Three general location types (others may be considered) Beach Front State Parks. Neighborhood beach access areas and community beach accesses. Beach Front Houses.



What time of day do the weddings happen?

Generally, we schedule the start time to be 1.5 Hours before sunset on any given calendar day. Other times might be possible. If you find the sunset time on any given day in Destin Florida, just move up approximately 1.5 hours before that for the recommended start time. Guest, the Groom and Groomsman are generally asked to be there 15 minutes prior to start time. The Bride, her Escort and Bridesmaids should arrive right at wedding start time. Below is a link to find the sunset times based on the calendar day.


Can I customize a wedding package?

Certainly, we allow many variations of our packages. You can include or exclude some items where needed. Specifically, you may use your own minister and/or photographer.


Beside just the beach wedding, can we do a reception with your company?

Certainly, we offer full service receptions in beachside pavilions, in private rental houses, and at some resorts or hotels. We also offer equipment rentals for those DYI families. We can recommend for those on smaller budgets, great ways to gather the guest afterwards for dinner and light entertainment. These recommendations are done over the phone with one of our planners.


How do we get a marriage license in Florida?

Typically, like most states, a visit to the local courthouse is required. Couples may need to make an appointment with the Clerk of Court before arriving. There is NO waiting period for Non Florida Residents. However, the appointment process must be known in advance. We would suggest calling the Okaloosa County or Walton County Clerk of Courts Office. You may also apply completely online with Palm Beach County. We are not in Palm Beach County but it does not matter what county issues the marriage license.


Do we have a rehearsal for the wedding? What does the bridal party do?

Generally, there is no rehearsal required. Our ceremony directors and planners will give detailed instructions prior to arrival and guide the entire processional process. Clients can do a site visit in advance if desired, though not required. The Groom, groomsman and guest typically arrive at the beach 15 mins prior to the wedding. The Bride, her escort, and bridesmaids arrive right at the wedding time. this allows our ceremony director, planner or minister to give separate instructions to each group. Allowing the bride to remain unseen by everyone else if so desired.


How does photography work and what do we get?

We have photography services in our packages listed as 1.5 Hour or 2.5 hour services. The 1.5 hour service includes the entire beginning processional sequence, the wedding itself, and family, bridal party and the couples portraits following the ceremony. The 2.5 hour service includes the above plus 1 hour with the bride and bridesmaids prior to wedding start time (Those last getting ready pics). The Photo Gallery page also contains some additional information. For Specific photography related questions, call Justy White at 850.225.8701

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